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Hidden Digital Product w/Download Link
Are you using PayPal to sell digital goods and want to hide the location of your downloadable files? Everything is included to let you do this using some scripts. If you should have any problems please feel free to contact us through our website. Please remember these scripts and code as sold and used “AS-IS”. We feel this is the best way to allow someone to download a item after payment.

Basically, after purchasing your product the user will return from PayPal (using the return URL) to a PHP script on your site. Then this script will create a temporary, randomized directory and then copy your download files to the temporary directory. The user will be redirected to a "thank you" page with a link to the download files in the temporary directory. A cron job is setup that will periodically delete the temporary directories and the copy of your download files.
This technique isn't 100% secure, but is the best method with out using a store or other larger paid software packages. If the steps are taken correctly your download should be in a area that no one can access.

Complete step by step install and setup included in file (readme.pdf)

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