Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce that starting today we have a fresh new website that has been fully integrated with-in your account. This means you will see much better and tighter integration between our servers, billing system and API's used.  You will also see these changes flow right into the newly updated client portal as well as many of your account features.  You should be able to find details more easier and manage and control them better and more effectively. 

Let's cover just a few of the new and better features;

- Search domain names and find recommendations for new domain names much quicker and easier with a new  domain search tools

- Better and more integrated pricing plans clearly gives a better explanation of what our packages offer and what's best for you

- Cleaner with less distractions when logging into the client portal as well as all checkout pages.

- Hosting customers, you will see many additional changes with-in your product(s) once you're logged in. Now you can simply add an email address and much more without having to login to your cPanel. 

- As you contine to move around our site you will notice much more features.  Way too much to list every individual feature be sure to browse and check it out. 


We have always listen to all of our customers feedback and are always eager to expand and make our system the most richest and best available. As always we welcome your feedback. 

Thank you,
Xtreme Hosting


Friday, April 15, 2016

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